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Marketing strategy

What channel should you be using for your business? What is the latest fad? Facebook? AdWords? But are these channels really the best strategy for your business? We can help you come up with a comprehensive business strategy tailored to your industry and company needs.


SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of making sure that your website is optimised for your customer and therefore Google.  Making sure your website is correctly laid out, labelled and provides valuable content will go far. The next step is getting relevant publicity and industry backlinks for your site. SEO is relevant for nearly all businesses.

Content marketing

The process of providing valuable content for your customers also ties in with SEO and social media marketing. Content marketing lends itself to most business types, although the type of content produced will vary depending on the product. B2B type businesses will benefit from producing long form industry report type content, services type businesses will benefit from blogs and design based, consumer products such as a jewellery business will benefit more from image type platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.


Facebook can be a useful platform for certain types of businesses. In some cases, there are groups of enthusiasts that hang out on Facebook and it can be valuable to contribute to these groups and conversations. Facebook advertising can also provide better bang for your buck than AdWords, depending on your product. The fact that Facebook has very specific consumer targeting is one of it's many advantages. B2B businesses do not tend to fair as well on Facebook as B2C businesses.


LinkedIn is an excellent channel for B2B businesses to advertise and where businesses owners can build up their profile by posting valuable long form content. LinkedIn does not tend to be as suitbale for B2C products, although can be a great place for a business to source talented employees.


Instagram is a platform that lends itself to visual products or services. Think art, clothing, hotels, real estate to name a few. If you are going to have to buy stock photos to keep your Instagram account alive, then Instagram is not the platform for your business.

EDMs (Email Newsletters)

EDMs (Electronic Direct Mail) or email newsletters are a great resource for most businesses. It pays to keep in touch with your customers and remind them of the ways in which you can provide value in a timely manner. EDMs can also be done badly, as I'm sure we can all attest tom with the amount of spam and unread emails that come into our inboxes nowadays!


AdWords has the ability to capture people in their exact moment of searching for a product. For this reason (and depending on the product), it does not always come cheap. However, in certain circumstances it can provide a solid ROI and can also help building brand awareness for new products.

Display advertising & remarketing

Although tending to have lower click through rates than AdWords and Facebook advertising, display advertising still has a place. It is particularly useful for building brand awareness and re-targeting can be used to bring visitors back to your site who may not have been quite ready to purchase the first time they visited.

Other channels

Other channels that may be suitable depending on the business type include direct mail (for hyper local services) and trade shows (often better suited to B2B).